This is how it works: All mentoring is remote, not face to face.

  • You give us a brief summary of your career aspirations, your preferred method(s) of communication, eg email, Skype, text, mobile phone, etc. We also take note of other preferences you may have, for example for a same gender mentor, a local, national or international mentor.
  • We source a suitable mentor, or if there are several matches, give you a choice. We will always endeavour to get the best possible match for your chosen career.
  • We issue you with guidelines for conducting a safe on-line dialogue and issue your Work-Link Mentor only with your email address (unless you specify other e-contacts media eg text).
  • Your Work-Link Mentor will make proactive contact with you. You are  also encouraged to make proactive contact.
  • Once allocated to you, your Work-Link Mentor will be available to you for a period of six months or one calendar year. 
  • You can make contact with your Work-Link Mentor or vice versa up to three times per month.
  • Work-Link Mentors CIC will contact you from time to time to check the mentoring is working for you and encourage you to make the most out of the opportunity. 
  • If your college or school requests it we will also ask you and our mentors to copy your communications to your tutor, so that we can give you as supportive a package as possible. 


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