Become a Mentor

Work-Link Mentors have relevant experience in the field of work that mentees aspire to. This can encompass both academic and vocational aspiration.

All Mentors are volunteers. Safeguarding of young people is of course paramount. Current legislation does not require that a DBS check is required as long as contact is remote ie not face to face and less than three times/month. However we would recommend DBS clearance is applied for. There is a small administration charge for volunteers.  Under no circumstances do Mentors meet face to face with mentees without prior agreement by Work-Link Mentors CIC.

For every Mentee taken on, between £5.00 and £10.00 is donated by Work-Link Mentors CIC to the nominated charity or charity account of the organisation the mentor belongs to, or if an individual, their nominated charity.

How to become a mentor?

If you are interested in helping one or more young people whilst raising money for charity by becoming a Work-Link Mentor

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